Our emergency face shield production has ended.


We are a self-organized and innovative community-based network of manufacturers, makers and volunteers, dedicated to emergency supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for front-line workers in Northumberland.
We are currently winding down our emergency PPE production operations at Venture13. We successfully produced 7,105 face shields to protect front-line workers in Northumberland, when no other supply lines were available.
We are no longer seeking additional volunteers. If there is future need, we will appeal for support via our website and networks. Thank you to all who supported this extraordinary effort in response to acute PPE supply shortages at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Our Story

The Northumberland.io Producer Alliance s a self-organized group of local manufacturers, makers, engineers, producers and volunteers who came together to rapidly innovate in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Inspired by passion for our community, the group shared ideas, resources, expertise and production capacity (including rapid prototyping equipment/3D printers) to create a local supply chain for the production and delivery of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)—principally face shields.

This community-driven and donation-based initiative was mobilized in late March to address an immediate critical shortage experienced by front-line workers. Many of the volunteers and partners were already working together through the community and platform established by Venture13 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre. With this collaborative framework already in place, it was possible for the partners to quickly coordinate a group of impassioned volunteers.

The multiple partners “leaned in” to work together (though remotely!) in a highly fluid situation to find local solutions that would support hospitals, long-term care facilities and retirement communities, first responders and essential services in our community.

Retired Cobourg industrialist Brian Read was quick to marshal the partners while playing a pivotal, leading role in contributing his manufacturing expertise, business knowledge and relationships. He helped to rapidly initialize, stabilize and advance a supply chain while supporting the efforts of many to a common purpose.

Chris Daniel

Leveraging the pioneering efforts of Chris Daniel, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Durham College—whose crowdfunding campaign and outreach gained widespread attention—and with the support of Chris Gillis, P. Eng, a driving force for collaborative innovation at Venture13—information, advice and best practices were willingly shared with Northumberland.io partners, volunteers and quiet leaders through virtual meetings and calls. With multiple printers up and running across our County, Professor Daniel further assisted by contributing a high volume of components that added value to the local supply chain and distribution capacity of the alliance in responding to local need. 

Local manufacturers like SABIC Innovative Plastics donated strategic materials such as polycarbonate sheets, without which we could not have moved forward. The industrial community contributed time, labour, machines and materials as did a huge number of civilian volunteers. We cannot thank you enough.

The Northumberland.io producer alliance is the epitome of .IO (input-output) where innovators embrace advanced technologies like 3D-printing and rapid prototyping in actually making a difference: with the input of an entire network we get the output of emergency production of critical supplies.

Participating Organizations and Individuals

· ADL Insulflex Inc.
· Argentum Electronics
· Belden
· Canadian Wear Technologies
· Cobourg Police Service
· Custom Plastics International
· Durham College & Community 3DP Task Force
· Microfactory Co-operative at the Venture13 MakerLab
· Millard Towers
· Northumberland Community Futures Development Corporation (CFDC)
· Northumberland Hills Hospital
· Northumberland Hills Hospital Foundation
· Northumberland Makers
· Northumberland Manufacturers Association
· Orono Design
· Sabic Innovative Plastics Canada Inc.
· Sewn to a T
· Team Eagle Ltd.
· Town of Cobourg
· Watershed Magazine

Click here to see a list of our individual volunteers.

Final Production Report

Highest AVG daily production volume achieved


% increase in volume of production since launch

Total # of face shields produced by Northumberland.io

Order Form

As of May 28th, 2020, we are no longer accepting orders for face shields. All emergency PPE supply has been donated to the community. Alternate commercial supply is now becoming available in the marketplace. For a local Made in Northumberland source for face shields, please contact Erin Botrie at Protoplast Inc. (Cobourg) 905-372-6451 ext. 110.

Worker with Face Shield

Terms of Use

Orders may be received via the Order Form.

All orders will be verified and evaluated (based on the criteria provided below) prior to being prioritized for delivery.

We ask that your order take into account overall production capacity as shown above, which may change from time to time.

Face shields will be donated.

Fulfillment will be prioritized based on:
1. Availability of supply
2. Priority date (when the order is received)
3. The following criteria:
            Recipients must be located in Northumberland County.
            Recipient must be one of the following:
                  Long-term care facilities and retirement communities
                  Emergency and first responders (Police, Fire, Paramedics)
                  Essential Services
                 And as of May 7, 2020, any other business or community organization

Normally, production quotas will be assigned on an equal basis across the four Recipient types (25% of daily production to each type).

Unused daily quotas may be redistributed and/or surplus production may be stockpiled.

Any orders that exceed daily production may be backlogged.

Delivery dates may vary and shipments maybe be scheduled with consideration given to logistics optimization and overall safety of volunteers.

A waiver (Northumberland PPE Waiver) must be signed by all Recipients prior to delivery.

Northumberland.io reserves the right to change or modify the Terms of Use at any time based on community need.


Face shields produced are based on the Prusa RC3 open source design. The Northumberland.io Producer Alliance is proudly operating under a Medical Device Establishment License (MDEL) from the Government of Canada for the manufacture of Class I Medical Devices.

User’s Guide and Cleaning Recommendations

This Prusa Face Shield is 3D-printed equipment intended for use by front-line workers when dealing with the public in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic response. While it provides a measure of protection against the virus when airborne, it is not intended for stand-alone use. We recommend that you sterilize it prior to its initial use.

Originally designed in the Czech Republic, the product has been tested and approved for distribution by their Ministry of Health. However, it has yet to be reviewed or approved by Health Canada. For this reason, we recommend that it be used as part of a more comprehensive protective regime that may include such items as a surgical facemask.

This product is currently rated for single use. Should you decide to use it multiple times, the following sterilization and cleaning guidelines apply:

  • Prior to cleaning the mask, ensure you are protected with suitable protective wear
  • Clean and sterilize the cleaning area prior to cleaning the mask
  • Remove the elastic band
  • Remove the “chin” by gently pulling it down from the visor
  • Remove the upper “headband” by carefully straightening the sides of the plastic shield and then removing it from the visor’s pegs
  • Disinfectant Option 1) Submerge all parts of the visor and the shield in one of the disinfectant solutions listed on the link below
  • Disinfectant Option 2) If cleaning with an aerosol product, ensure that you spray all parts of the assembly at least twice
  • See the link for more detailed cleaning instructions: Face Shield Disinfection

While we are glad to donate face shields to front line workers, we recognize that this is a stopgap solution until such time as approved devices become available. As such, we assume no responsibility for their performance.

Download a pdf copy of the User Guide (click here) which you can print and distribute within your organization.

A Note on Supply Chain Uncertainty

The producer alliance asks that our community understand the daily challenge we face in sourcing critical materials and supplies for PPE production. We will do our very best to ensure continuity of production but ask for your understanding that supply cannot be guaranteed.

GoFundMe Campaign

On behalf of Northumberland.io, Northumberland CFDC has launched a GoFundMe campaign to accept donations for the purchase of materials and supplies need for PPE production (e.g. filament, plastics, etc.). All donations are greatly appreciated. All PPE is donated free of charge to organizations supporting the safety of front-line workers in Northumberland.

Click Here to support GoFundMe campaign.

Expense Claims

Northumberland.io producers and volunteers may now submit expense claims. Click here for more information and for guidelines on submitting a claim.

Photo/Video Release Form

Click here to authorize us to use your image for social media purposes.

Volunteer Waiver


What is the difference between this initiative and the OPG-Ontario Tech University face shield project?

Ontario Tech University in partnership with OPG X-Lab have developed their own face shield model working in consultation with medical professionals at Northumberland Hills Hospital and with the support of producers including Durham College (Professor Chris Daniel) and Team Eagle Ltd in Campbellford. Northumberland.io supports and applauds all organizations working to develop innovative solutions that contribute to the advancement and resilience of our community. Read more.

What is an “Essential Service?”

The Province of Ontario has issued a definition of essential workplaces. Click here to consult that list.

How will we get our face shields?

We will deliver the face shields to you and we will contact you in advance to confirm delivery details.


Chris Daniel Recognized With Minister’s Award of Excellence

Chris Daniel Recognized With Minister’s Award of Excellence

Northumberland.io Producer AllianceChris Daniel Recognized With Minister’s Award of Excellence Chris Daniel and his Community 3DP Task Force at Durham College was a driving force in the collaborative success of Northumberland.io. Not only did Professor Daniel advise...

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