Chris Daniel Recognized With Minister’s Award of Excellence

Chris Daniel and his Community 3DP Task Force at Durham College was a driving force in the collaborative success of Not only did Professor Daniel advise our organizing committee with his technical expertise, he ensured critical supply of headbands for thousands of face shields that we produced together to support front-line workers in Northumberland, early in the pandemic when no other supplies were available. Shipments came in from Durham to Northumberland each week and helped ensure the success of our emergency PPE network. Chris’ determination was relentless and he had a huge impact. He (and his students) have achieved well-deserved recognition from the Province of Ontario with the Minister’s Award of Excellence. Congratulations, Chris.

Read more from Ontario’s Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, via LinkedIn.

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Commercial Availability of Face Shields

Commercial Availability of Face Shields

Now that our emergency PPE production campaign has come to an end, having produced 7,105 face shields distributed to almost 200 organizations across Northumberland, commercial supply is becoming more widely available in the marketplace. We wanted to highlight a local manufacturer, Protoplast Inc., who are selling face shields produced at their facility in Cobourg. For more information, please contact Erin Botrie at 905-372-6451 ext. 110.

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