Junior Set Nursery School Student Draw for Premier Ford’s Visit

Premier Doug Ford at the opening of the mass vaccine centre in Cobourg signing children’s photos. David Piccini acts as a hard surface for the premier! –  Pete Fisher Photo

The students at Junior Set Nursery School were asked to draw something they enjoyed doing or were missing due to COVID-19. It was hoped that the drawings would be shared with Premier Ford during his visit to Cobourg to see the mass vaccine clinic set up at the Cobourg Community Centre.

“I asked half a dozen children to draw me a picture of something they enjoyed doing. What I found interesting was the conversations with them around their drawings – they all lead back to, wanting to be with family and friends”, states Nancy Bruce co-owner of Junior Set Nursery School.

It was clear from looking at the different drawings from the children how much COVID -19 had impacted their lives.

Drawings by Noah

“I miss following adventure maps with my grandparents and cousins.” – Noah, 4 years old.

Noah’s drawing reflects his desire to be with his grandparents and cousins to enjoy adventures with them. He even drew an adventure map.

“I miss seeing my friends smiles and plying together as their houses.” – Karsyn, 3.5 years old.

Karsyn shared she missed seeing her friends smiles (due to masks) and playing together at their house.

Drawing by Caleb

“I want to go to Great Wolf Lodge and see other places with family” – Caleb, 5 years old.

Caleb shared he wants to travel with his family and one day go to Great Wolf Lodge.

It is amazing what 4 or 5 years old will share and how honest are they about what they have missed doing this past year due to COVID -19.

The Premier was touched by the drawings that were hung in the Cobourg Community Centre. He gladly signed a set of drawings for the school – and thanked the children for taking the time to do them.

The drawings will be up for all to see when they come to the Cobourg Community Centre to be vaccinated.